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Matcha & Collagen latte, make it warm for winter!

Warm and cosy, a winter beauty drink ritual that you’ll love! The perfect combination between Collagen and Matcha for a beauty and mood boost. Great drink for energy, stress, anti-ageing, immune support and much more.

WHAT YOU NEED – 1 serving

• 1 tbsp hot water (~65ºC)

• 1 scoop (1g) of My Matcha life 100% organic ceremonial matcha

• 200ml of milk of your choice

• 1 serve of NeoCell Super Collagen powder


1. In a small bowl or cup, add one scoop of matcha to hot water, and use a bamboo whisk (or regular if you don’t have one!) to thoroughly mix into a paste.

2. Add one serving of collagen powder and mix with a spoon until thoroughly dissolved.

3. Combine milk, matcha and collagen paste with ice. Blend or shake vigorously until bubbly.

4. Pour and serve!


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