We are more than just a distributor, we are your natural health partner.

Our vision

“We believe that a preventive and holistic health care model is the way of the future, so we want to empower natural health retailers and pharmacies with science-backed education and training tools. Our promise is to bring the best in their class quality brands and product formulas, that will, in turn, make a meaningful impact on the health journey of your clients.”

– Amal Karl, CEO

Giving back to the community

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint and that’s why we represent brands that place importance on sustainable practices, from raw ingredient sourcing right through to manufacturing. When needed, we wrap our glass bottles in eco bubblewrap and reuse packaging materials sent by our suppliers.

Giving back to our community in whatever way we can is hugely important to us and that’s why we are a proud supporter of KidsCan charity. Like us, KidsCan believe that education is a child’s ticket out of poverty. In order to break the cycle of child poverty, they provide essentials to Kiwi kids affected by poverty so they can have the opportunity of a better future.