Whether you are 19 or 90, there is one important way you can attend to your health —ensure adequate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet every day!

Documented by thousands of studies, cod liver oil and fish oil blends, known to be direct sources of DHA and EPA, are delivering proven benefits for heart health, boosting mood, and are even the foundation for beautiful skin and hair. Essential fatty acids are a must for every woman’s body!

Why? EFAs control a large number of cellular processes in the body. These fats are known to increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals, maintain proper nerve functioning, cell receptor action, hormone binding, cell fluidity, signal transduction, and aid in prostaglandin formation. So basic is this level of functioning of the body that a deficiency can lead to many negative health implications.

Are there times in our passage as a woman that require special attention? Absolutely! Take a look!

Women under stress

Several research studies have made a strong connection between omega-3 fatty acids and managing stress with positive results. For example, people who added a daily dose of fish oil to their regular antidepressant treatment had significant improvement in symptoms including anxiety, sleeping problems, sadness, decreased sexual desire, and suicidal tendencies.

Women on weight loss programs

EFAs can help support weight loss by slowing the absorption of carbohydrates to balance blood sugar levels, and by helping the body to metabolise dietary fat for energy production instead of storing it. Since EFAs are the first stored fats to be burned, you will want to replenish them in order to maintain good health.

Women wishing to conceive

Waiting until you are pregnant is not the optimum time to be thinking about fatty acid stores. Because it can take time for the body to build up this important nutrient, consider increasing your omega-3 intake a minimum of 3 months prior to conception. In addition, a study from the University of Lund in Sweden showed that omega-3s may help facilitate pregnancy in women with infertility problems by increasing uterine blood flow.

Women who are pregnant/breastfeeding

Keeping levels of EFAs sufficient during the entire pregnancy is essential since the largest amount of brain development takes place in the third trimester, meaning DHA is transferred from mother to baby at a very high rate. The need for DHA remains critical for your new baby through 2 years of age as she continues to develop.

Mature women

There are many good reasons for 60+ women to supplement with fish oil—healthy heart, sharper brain, and better mood to name a few. In one study, a group of post-menopausal women were given fish oil for a month yielding a 27% reduction in blood triglyceride levels. Another study showed that fish oil helped to reduce the risk of gall stone formation in obese women when they were following a low calorie diet.

Guest Author - Alex Hills

GradCertEvidCompMed, BMedsMgmentProfHonsCM, BHSci (Comp Med), AdvDipNat, AdvDipWHM

Alex is a qualified naturopath and has been in the natural medicine field for over a decade in Australia. During this time, she has had the opportunity to experience almost every aspect of the industry.

She has been in clinical practice, vitamins manager at a pharmacy, marketing coordinator for an organic skin care company as well as actively involved in natural health practitioner training from within an area manager’s role.

This diverse experience helps her ability to deliver high-quality content and cutting-edge research to consumers in a simple and relatable manner.