RE: ABC’s Four Corners episode “Swallowing It”

We are aware of ABC’s recent Four Corners episode on complementary medicines which focused on the growing use and acceptance of these products in Australia and globally. And while we appreciate the ABC’s interest in educating the public, what the documentary failed to note was that not all natural health products are created equal.

NaturalMeds’s ongoing goal has been to supply the very best supplements available in terms of ingredient quality and purity standards that you can trust and rely on. The brands we distribute are well-known and accepted as the gold standard in their industries, with multiple awards and third party testing which guarantees their purity and efficacy.

The article also questioned whether Australia’s regulatory authority for the Complementary Medicines industry (the TGA) should be more rigorous in their regulations. However, Australia’s regulatory regime is regarded as one of the most stringent in the world, where complementary medicines are regulated to pharmaceutical quality standards.

As with all news, it’s important to consider whether the reporting is impartial. Unfortunately, ABC’s coverage of complementary medicines was very one sided. We believe the global movement toward preventative healthcare is a positive advancement in the healthcare landscape.

If you would like further information, we have provided a link below to a 12-page document released by Complementary Medicine Australia (CMA).