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Are Kiwi babies getting enough Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient that is required for many functions within the body including healthy bones, immunity, and cardiovascular function. It is essential throughout all stages of life, from foetal development to old age. More importantly, for infants, vitamin D is needed to prevent a bone-deforming condition called Rickets. Rickets leads to softening […]

Throw an Extra Shrimp on the Barbie

Yet another reason to up your omega-3 intake: Omega-3 is emerging as an effective option for supporting a positive mood and helping to combat anxiety and depression. More than 3 million Australians are living with depression or anxiety. Depression alone causes 6 million lost working days and 12 million days of reduced productivity each year. […]

Berry Pretty: Halle Berry Loves Nordic

Halle Berry loves Nordic Naturals! Yep, the Academy Award winning Actress and ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ told SHAPE magazine Nordic Naturals Complete Omega is one of her fav products! Although the article is not recent we thought it was well worth sharing!

NaturalMeds’ response to the NZ study that questions fish oil quality and EPA/DHA content

NaturalMeds are concerned with the results from research conducted by the University of Auckland’s Liggins Institute evaluating the quality and content of fish oils sold in New Zealand for both consumers and the industry as a whole. Similar international research has generally shown that most fish oils meet their active ingredient list, so further investigation […]

NaturalMeds’ response to the Fish Oil During Pregnancy Study

You may have seen or heard about the latest negative study on Fish Oil from the Auckland University based Liggins Institute that featured on TV3 Newshub on Friday.  If you missed it, you can watch the video here.  NZ Listener also featured an article on the same study – you can access that here. Both Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) […]

“Undeclared competing interest” sinks fish oil takedown by author fined for deceptive claims

The Journal of Lipids has retracted an aggressively negative review article called “Why Fish Oil Fails,” written by one Brian S. Peskin, whose bogus health claims have landed him in plenty of hot water in the past. Here’s the notice: The article titled “Why Fish Oil Fails: A Comprehensive 21st Century Lipids-Based Physiologic Analysis”, published in Journal of Lipids has […]

New Research Shows that Ultimate Omega is 382% More Bioavailable than Krill Oil

A new study by Nordic Naturals has been released that shows Ultimate Omega is 382% more bioavailable than krill oil! The dose chosen was based on the product manufacturer’s recommended dose (on the label of each product), which within these products’ marketing materials is often referred to by the manufacturer as “all you need.” Ultimate […]

Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED) Review

GOED is a not-for-profit trade association focused on the markets for EPA and DHA products. In this review of the SELECT study GOED states; “We believe the authors’ conclusion is irresponsible and blatantly ignores the totality of the scientific evidence that has been collected over multiple decades regarding the health benefits of marine omega-3 fatty […]

RE: Study Author Reports there is “No Need” for Omega-3 during Pregnancy

A study questioning the benefits of omega-3 supplements during pregnancy has been receiving some press recently. The articles report on a new study published in JAMA, which was initiated by the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, and includes a quote from one of the study’s co-authors that there is “no need” for omega-3 supplementation during […]

What to Expect When You are Expecting

Do You Know the Importance of DHA? A survey of recent mums and mums-to-be showed these results: 50% of the women surveyed did not know about the need for DHA, a critical nutrient for the healthy development of a baby 68% said their doctor did not tell them about DHA 72% said they had no […]

What does beautiful mean to you?

Is it ‘inner beauty’ such as having a positive mood and a general sense of wellbeing, or is it ‘outer beauty’ such as radiant skin, hair and nails? Research shows that essential fatty acids (EFA’S) support many aspects of both inner and outer beauty. The human body can manufacture most of the fats it needs, […]

Ask an Expert: Postnatal hair loss

My partner and I recently had a baby and as much as I enjoy my time with him it can also be quite stressful with not getting much sleep or having enough money. A month ago while running my hands through my hair I felt a disconcerting bald patch just behind my ear. On further […]

Ask an Expert: Infant Health

My two-year-old son started attending day care during about 6 months ago. This is an exciting step in our lives however, after his first few weeks he started to get sick and run-down all the time. I understand this is a part of life however, I feel like he is never really well anymore and […]