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Ask an Expert: Are All Fish Oils the Same?

With countless fish oil supplements available on the market making similar claims, you may feel inclined to purchase a cheaper fish oil, thinking that one fish oil supplement is as good as any other. However, not all fish oils are the same. In fact, when comparing a range of fish oil supplements, the differences in […]

The Comeback Cod – 5 Reasons Nana Was Right About Cod Liver Oil!

Nana was right after all! Your grandmother’s trusty cure-all cod liver oil is proving to be great medicine. Scientists are now verifying the evidence behind the popular wholefood panacea that has endured for centuries. Below explains the five top research-proven benefits of the age-old health food. 1. There is strong evidence to suggest that the omega-3 […]

What are the best sources of Omega-3 EPA and DHA?

A common question we get here at NaturalMeds is why we don’t stock krill oil or flax seed oil – great sources of Omega-3 EPA and DHA, right? Well, not exactly. Let’s look at the facts… Lets start with vegetarian sources of omega-3 such as green leafy vegetables, flax seed, and chia. These sources contain […]

Digesting the Facts #ChewOnThis

With the festive season around the corner and the overindulgence it brings, it seems apt to introduce the topic of digestion or strictly speaking the lack of it. You are definitely not alone if you experience occasional tummy troubles. Supermarket checkouts and pharmacy shelves are stacked with antacids, laxatives, fibre products and so on – a telltale […]

QUIZ: Do you have an Enzyme Deficiency? #ChewOnThis

>> JUMP STRAIGHT TO QUICK QUIZ: ARE YOU ENZYME DEFICIENT? So you may ask be asking yourself that even though you generally eat a balanced healthy diet of organic foods including raw foods – why is it that you still don’t feel energised or experience symptoms of indigestion, gas or bloating? The answer could quite […]

#ChewOnThis New Year Checklist

Whilst none of this may be rocket science, at this time of year, we all can do with a gentle reminder reinforcing good habits that help our overall health and wellbeing. Correct and complete digestion is a foundation of optimal health.  Eat meals at regular times. Your body appreciates a regular schedule. Take time to […]

Understanding the Power of Enzymes

Why do we need enzymes? Enzymes speed up biochemical reactions and are needed for every chemical reaction that takes place in the body. Without enzymes, biochemical reactions would happen too slowly for the body to survive! Enzymes also break down things such as food, viruses, bacteria, fungi etc. There are two types of enzymes in […]

10 Ways to Stimulate Your Child’s Brain

A child’s brain is like a very active sponge and this constant process of developing and adapting is something we need take advantage of in the best way possible. It’s imperative that we find new and interesting activities or techniques to stimulate our child’s mind. This will ensure that their brains are kept healthy whilst […]

A No-Fuss Nutrition Guide for Fussy Eaters

Getting our little ones to understand the ins and outs of a healthy diet is a little trickier than teaching them their ABCs. But getting the fundamentals right is a great start! Children require a balanced and nutritious diet to sustain their growing bodies, and to help them get a head start on feeling good […]

Brain Food For Back To School

Seems like the Christmas holidays comes to an abrupt end when we make that mad dash to the store for school supplies and new clothes! “Back to school” is upon us, and it is time to get our brains into gear after some summertime fun in the sun. How can we support the learning process […]