I have been an avid user of natural supplements for years and have recently started to look into natural animal supplements. My cat is 15 years old and I have noticed that he doesn’t handle getting sick very well any more – his coat has started to suffer and I started to wonder if there are any supplements that would work for him in the same way they work for me. Are there any supplements for cats to help boost their immunity?

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Hi Geraldine,

Supplements for animals can be a great idea so long as they are designed for animal use and you take advice so that you are not altering the delicate nutritional balance that animals need (especially with regards to vitamins and minerals). In this case, I think it is important to support your cat with Cod Liver Oil. Cod Liver Oil is naturally high in Vitamins A and D which support the immune system and the omega-3’s (EPA and DHA) will support a healthy coat. I’m not too sure what you mean by your cat doesn’t handle getting sick very well anymore, in theory your cat should not get sick very often at all! Omega-3’s are also great support for arthritis and poor memory which a lot of older pets are also prone to.

When you’re looking for a Cod Liver Oil for your pet ensure that it’s suitable for animal use, often human versions of fish oils or Cod Liver Oils contain Rosemary as a natural preservative, something that animal’s livers can’t process. Follow the dosing recommendations on the bottle for your cats weight and mix it in with wet food. A lot of cats don’t like fish (despite popular human belief!) so using a product that is high in freshness levels will reduce the fishy odour that can put some cats off. To ensure the bottle stays fresh, keep it in the fridge once open and screw the lid on tight after each use, also buying a small bottle rather than a large bottle is a good idea to maintain freshness.

I know your cat is 15 so you probably don’t want to mess around with his diet too much but I’m a big advocate for raw meat (and no grains or vegetables) for cats. (NB: Dogs require the addition of tripe with raw meat) Most tinned wet food contains grains, vegetables and lots of preservatives. Cats are omnivores and not meant to eat grains or vegetables, I believe this contributes to a lot of the health conditions we see in our cats that wouldn’t normally happen in the wild. Anyway, something for you to consider and get further advice on from a raw meat specialist store or Holistic Vet so you can ensure a healthy balanced diet for your cat (they need variety to ensure they receive all the nutrients they need). Incidentally that is probably where you will find the Pet Cod Liver Oil too!

*Please note that the information provided above is only to educate, not to diagnose or treat any medical condition.  Please seek advice from your own healthcare provider before embarking on any treatment/health program.

By Michele Wilton

ND, Dip Med Herb

Michele is a Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and works as a Technical Advisor for NaturalMeds.